Estimates and consignments

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You are looking for a strong partner with international contacts to help you sell your watches and clocks at premium prices?

Estimates and consignment

1. Estimates

With Auktionen Dr. Crott you can have your high-quality watches and clocks examined and valued by experts - without obligation and in a confidential environment. We will gladly advise you on the current market value of your watches and clocks and help you find a fair price for the pieces.Our experts will give you a non-committal estimate free of charge if you send us photographs of your objects via email, WhatsApp or by post. You are of course very welcome to present your objects to us personally at our offices in Mannheim.In case of larger collections we will be happy to make an expert evaluation of your timepieces in the privacy and comfort of your own home.

2. Contract

Once you have decided to consign to one of our auctions, the estimate and all agreements between you and Auktionen Dr. Crott will be stipulated in a contract. The contract will contain our standard terms and conditions of sale, the costs for insurance, administration, commission and if required restoration.

3. Consignment, documentation & photography

As soon as we receive the pieces that are to be auctioned, we will classify and catalogue them. For this purpose the objects will be professionally photographed and documented extensively by our expert team. This complex and labour-intensive approach is a prerequisite for a suitable presentation of the pieces in our comprehensive multilingual catalogue as well as on our web site.

4. Payment

Once your objects have been sold at the auction you will receive a statement of account as soon as the purchase price has been paid by the buyer. The statement will show the knock-down price minus the commission and any additional expenses. You can receive your auction proceeds by bank transfer or by cheque as requested.

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